Korean beauty trends that you must follow

Korean skincare products and regime is a big hit in India and every day, the fan base is just increasing. If there is a new skincare routine that people are loving, it is Korean skincare regimen. If started at an early stage, can help you look younger and gorgeous every day. There are many beauty trends we loved from Korea, here is a list which might help you.

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Hybrid products

Korea is the birthplace of hybrid toners and creams. You can also use cream skin. Cream skin is the result of using a single skincare product that is a hybrid of toner and lotion, giving silky and smooth skin.

Skincare-infused makeup

Skincare-infused makeup are very good for skin. There are many Korean products that blur the line between skincare and makeup and is the perfect option if you want to follow a Korean skincare regime.

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Face patting is a Korean skincare habit that is going viral . Koreans believe in being gentle. Fast movements cause friction and over time it can cause micro-tears in your skin. Tugging and pulling at your skin can increase the chances of you getting wrinkles.





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