Zodiac sign least likely to get married

Getting married is something most of us dreams of, The venue, the outfit to the theme, people have it all pre-decided. Anxious about their D-day and are always in anticipation of finding the right person to spend the rest of their lives with.

But there also are some people who do not fancy the idea of marriage. They will be obsessed with their freedom and individuality and do not get the concept of spending their whole life with one person. As per  astrology, these  zodiac signs are not to keen on tying the knot.

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Born with mood swings and are stubborn on a variety of things. They want freedom of doing what they want and how they want. They don’t like the idea of being accountable or answerable to anyone in life.


They are not too sure about the idea of marriage. They feel that getting married to someone, will bring monotony and boredom in their life and they will feel tied down and restricted. So , they never entertain the idea of wedding.


This zodiac signs are always busy fussing over little details and convince themselves that they will get married once everything is sorted. But for perfectionist Virgos, everything is never sorted and they end up staying unmarried their entire life.

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