Japanese beauty tips you should follow for radiant skin

Japanese n are known for their  radiant glowing skin. They have many skincare routine that include pampering their skin and people invest a lot of time and energy in keeping up with their beauty routine. In fact, most Japanese people appear to defy the norms of aging as they always appear with glowing skin.

Here are some Japanese beauty tips and tricks you must try

They firmly believe in hydration and moisturisation. They use perfect oil-based cleansers to nourish the skin and removes the makeup in an efficient way.

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Use azuki beans, popularly known as red beans is  an excellent scrub option. Take half a cup of red beans, grind them and store it in the fridge for a few hours. Take half a spoon of the powder, mix with water and use it as a scrub.

Soak some rice in half glass of water, mix  well and use that water to clean your face with a facecloth. You can also use a cotton bud for it.

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