Tips to make your home smell good

Every house has a smell. Different factors comes together to make a smell in your home, be it indoor plants, shoes in the shoe rack, trash can, your pet, etc. The smell of all these things creates a unique scent of your home.

Change trash bin

The trash bin will be filled with a many smelly things like fruit peels, leftovers, etc which can make your house smell. So clean it daily and change it every once in a week.

Benefits of having Bonsai plants at home

Scented candles

Placing scented candles at every corner of the house is a sure-shot way to make your abode smell great. Place one in every room, and light them wherever you want to enjoy an soothing fragrance.

Indoor plants

Some plants have a pleasant smell and also are effective in purifying the air. Plants like lilies, jasmine, gardenias, etc to make your home smell good.


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