Amazing home remedies to lighten your skin

Everyone wants to have light complexion as well as blemish-free. Pollution, sun, and other factors will lead to dark and uneven skin. To have lighter complexion people try all fairness creams available in  markets but most of these don’t work. Here are some home remedies to lighten your skin.


Yogurt has lactic acid which has  skin lightening properties. It has AHA’s also called alpha hydroxyl acids that tones the melanin production and so makes your skin lighter and whiter.

– Apply yoghurt  on areas you want to lighten.
– Keep it for 4-5 minutes and wash it with plain water.
– Repeat this for skin whitening on daily for the best results.

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Honey has natural bleaching features so if you apply on a daily basis could lead to skin whitening. It helps in the skin lightening and removes dead skin cells that give you dull appearance.

– Apply  honey  that need to be lightened and then leave about 5 minutes.
– After around 5 minutes wash it with the lukewarm water.
– Repeat  daily to get the best result

Gram flour

Gram flour  is an excellent skin exfoliator which removes the accumulated dead skin cells and dirt in the skin pores.

– Take 1 tbsp. of gram flour, half tsp. of honey, one tbsp. of milk and  lemon juice. Mix all these to form a thick paste.
– Apply this and  leave it for about 15 minutes.
– After some time, rinse it with some lukewarm water.



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