Kangana Ranaut trolled for incorrectly spelling Sushant Singh Rajput’s name

For the past one year, Kangana  Ranaut has attacked almost every celebrity and spoken against the film industry. Netizens stand divided every time when shares something on Twitter. But this time they have trolled Kangana for dragging late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s name in her latest Tweet.

When Kangana shared a picture of her breakfast that social media users claimed it was picked from Google. She began by slamming them and then wrote that she lost 5 lakh followers on Instagram because of the movie mafia. She wrote, “Just last week I lost more than 5 lakh followers on Instagram,this is mafia racket,they gang up on you boycott you and if that leaves you happy and content they ruin your image and brand that’s how they killed Shushant,that’s how they harass outsiders who don’t need them for work”

Trollers are asking  why Kangana chose to drag the late actor’s name for such a trivial issue. One wrote, “Sushant ko baksh de” while another wrote, “Sushant ki maut pe rotiya sekani band karo.” “Everyone loved Sushant though” read another, “U reaped so many benefits, maligned so many celebs, amassed so many followers from that unfortunate suicide fiasco and yet ffs u can’t even spell “Sushant” correctly,” wrote another user.

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