Tips for a virgin woman before having sex for the first-time

First-time sex some may get really excited . If you’re a virgin woman who has decided to take the big step and indulge in sex with your partner, here are some tips  to ease out the pressure.

Lubrication is important: You can either depend on natural vaginal lubricants through lots of foreplay before sex or buy a water-based product that helps to ease out the pain. Lubrication is very important before  sex with your partner, especially when you are a first timer. It makes the intercourse easier  and less painful during insertion of the penis .

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Get ready to feel pain: You are going to feel some pain when it’s your first time. So, before doing it, be prepared to feel some pain during sex. But don’t worry because it’s going to get pleasurable soon.

It might bleed  Some women won’t feel a thing and won’t bleed but some  bleed a little if it is for your first-time intercourse. Since you’re a virgin, bleeding might  happen, but don’t  stress about it. But sometimes, it’s not even noticeable.

You might be expecting orgasm during your first-time sex with your partner. But chances of experiencing  orgasm are very less. Even if you don’t get an orgasm, accept the fact that it is for the first time . You will experience an orgasm when you and your partner get more comfortable with each other and know things deeper.

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