Lesser known beautiful places in world to visit

Today people are always in search for the most beautiful place to wander. But sometimes it is not possible for us to go to some places. People find time despite busy routine to visit such places. Here we have brought some lesser known beautiful places.

Whitehaven Beach​ Australia

This place  is situated in the middle of Australia, and only few people know about this beach.  White sand present here is beautiful and also has two very beautiful harbors which adds to the beauty of this beach even more. But you cant  smoke or bring any of your pets on this beach.

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Fairy Pools Scotland

Pools are known for their magical appearance.Fairy Pools have become a suitable location for walkers. Apart from this, things like Cooling Hills, Isle of Steel located near. Animals of many species can also be seen here, due to which tourists get attracted.

Havasu Falls Grand Canyon National Park

This falls beauty can not be guessed .This place is not considered less than heaven, this fall is located on a remote valley of Arizona, for information, Every year thousands of tourists come here to visit. This fall is that it runs a very beautiful harmony with the earth and the air. Water of this place is blue and green.

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