Calcium rich foods for stronger bones

If you eat calcium rich it will make  your bones stronger and prevent them from becoming too fragile or weak. Calcium is important for the functioning of the body and it gets absorbed by vitamin D. Not getting enough calcium make bones brittle and fragile that can break or tear easily, fragile bones are more prone to fractures and other diseases. Here are some foods you can eat to improve health of your bone.


Cheese made from milk that is a great source of calcium. Mozzarella cheese is rich in calcium and good for the health of your body. You can also try cheese produced from skim milk for healthier results.

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Having milk every day can make your bones stronger and keep you fit. It is important for the strengthening of the bones and an good source of calcium . Kids must drink one glass of warm milk every morning and night.


Eggs in are the perfect source of vitamin D and all important nutrients and minerals you need in your body to fuel your day. They are great energy boosting nutrients and when matched with a glass of orange juice it is perfect  food combination.

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