Zodiac signs who are mentally weak

To stay strong and to handle with small confusions, we need to be mentally strong and stable to deal with all our issues. Some people are extremely good at these because they are mentally very strong, while others are not great at this. They are mentally weak and a bit unstable. Such people can be identified based on the zodiac personality traits. So, here are 4 zodiac signs who are mentally weak and unstable.


Cancerians  emotions can go up and down very quickly. They can be extremely happy and blissful but soon it will turns into anger, depression . It is very unpredictable to say how a Cancerian would feel right now. They feel everything more deeply and get hurt very easily. So, this  makes them quite weak emotionally.


They are the epitome of balance. When they are out of balance, their emotional state. And they sometimes go off balance when they want to achieve something.


They are  sensitive and dreamy people. When their mood changes, they becomes emotionally unstable to a great extent. But since they can channel emotions to art and music, they can easily be back to their happy state.

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