Things you should never say to your Partner

Marriage requires mutual compromise and understanding. Too many unintentional words can lead to marital breakdown.

You may have told your partner many things later that you felt you should not have said. The harsh words you use can sometimes be powerful enough to break the bond. Later, the relationship may have broken down beyond repair. So let’s see what you should never say to your partner


Do not threaten your partner with a divorce, as you will later regret it. The partner may feel that you do not really want the marriage to last. It will also make the partner feel rejected and discouraged from loving you sincerely.

It’s just a threat, but once you say it, it can ruin your marriage. The partner will assume that you may have such a feeling in your mind and say it, which will cause anxiety and pain in their mind at the same time. This can cause the relationship to break down

Do Not Call Your Partner a Liar

The most important thing for a successful relationship is mutual trust. When you feel that what your partner is saying is not true, telling them directly that “what you are saying is a lie” can sometimes have the opposite effect. Instead, they will not feel guilty for gently saying, “I have a hard time believing that you told me the whole thing.” Focusing on questions about a particular event can help facilitate communication. Instead of arguing with harsh words, try to listen to what they have to say. Once you are fully aware of things, you can better understand your partner’s behavior and act accordingly.

Do not compare with others

When you feel angry or frustrated with your partner, it is natural to compare them with others. But this will only make the situation worse. Never compare your current partner with someone you have been in a relationship with before.

You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Engage in constructive conversation rather than comparing yourself to others, for example, “I would be happier if you did …” Your needs are more likely to be met. Comparing yourself to someone you’ve previously liked is like underestimating your partner’s value. It can make them feel humiliated and affect the relationship so no matter how much dissatisfaction and frustration they feel, do not diminish the love and respect for the partner.


Do not despise your partner’s family

Never make statements that insult the partner’s family members. No one can be forgiven for speaking insultingly of their own parents and family members. Especially since no one wants such an approach from their own partner. They may not be able to bear your humiliation

Treat the partner’s parents with respect and affection. This will help to maintain peace within the family. Try to treat the children of the partner’s previous relationship with affection as well. Otherwise, they will face huge setbacks.

Don’t be the partner’s biggest critic

The partner always wants your support. Never make them feel that you are the opposite. Do not think that you do not trust them.

Become one of their biggest critics and become one of their biggest fans. Supporting a partner is essential for a happy, healthy, and successful relationship. Unsupported expressions can damage a partner’s self-esteem. Ultimately it will affect your relationship as well.

If you protect them, they will protect and support you.

Do not mock further

At first, sarcasm may seem harmless, but it can hurt your partner’s feelings. By doing this you are showing that you are upset by the unfulfilled hope.

The sarcastic words will paralyze the partner and upset them. This can cause the relationship to break down. Present things in a loving and unobtrusive way, and this is exactly what the partner wants to hear from you.

Do not test your partner’s love

Do not doubt or test your partner’s love. Doing so will force them to do many things that they do not like to prove their love. Request instead to argue. Approach authentically so as not to feel alienated, and try to maintain closeness. Present things in a way that does not hurt the partner’s mind.

Never blame your partner

The partner’s mind hurts when they talk about blaming anything for something like, “You always come late” and “You never change the laundry”.Because they do not always have to be that way. By this you tell your partner that they will never do anything right and that you never think they will change. By saying this, you are really killing their character. Studies show that seeing your partner’s behavior badly can lead to divorce.

Instead of blaming your partner, openly tell them what you want them to do.

Avoid tolerance

What the partner says is that the attitude of enduring and forgiving everything may seem good. But sometimes it can have the opposite effect. You may become impatient for fear that saying something against your partner will start a quarrel. But this will often encourage the partner to quarrel. Conflict is an important part of a long-term relationship. It is not something you quarrel with; It’s a matter of how. It doesn’t matter if you disagree or disagree. You can find common ground as you communicate through your differences and listen to each other.

Do not tell Others how to behave

Some people tell their partner many things like “calm down”, “you don’t have to resist so much” and “you get angry quickly” to discourage them from behaving badly. But when he hears this, his partner feels that his feelings are not justified, that he is not valued, and that he is not listening.

The partner should feel safe to speak out and express their feelings without fear of being criticized. You think you can calm them down with such words, but the result will be the opposite. They find these words insulting and degrading. So they will react with extreme anger and hostility. It is better to tell them not to talk than to listen to what they have to say in such cases.







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