If the Twitter account is gone come here kanganaji ; Koo app Invited Kangana

Kangana’s Twitter account was suspended yesterday in the wake of sharing controversial tweets. In recent days, Kangana Ranaut has shared provocative tweets about the violence in West Bengal following the Assembly elections and Mamata Banerjee’s victory. This was followed by Twitter’s move.

Now, Kangana welcomes the ‘Koo’ app,  winner of the government’s Spiritual App Innovation Challenge. “. Kangana Ranaut, this is your home and you can proudly share your thoughts with everyone here, ”Mayank Bidwadka, one of the founding CEOs, said in a press release inviting Kangana to the world of‘ Koo ’.

Kangana Ranaut had yesterday reacted to the suspension of her account on Twitter. “I have other platforms to comment on,” Kangana Ranaut said.

“Twitter has proven that they are Americans, and that wanting to enslave brown people is something that is innate in whites, and they tell us what we should think, speak and act. I have other venues to raise my voice, including my own art form, cinema. “

“But I remember the people of this country who have been persecuted, enslaved, and censored for thousands of years, and their suffering is not over.” This is how Kangana reacted to ANI.

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