Health experts urge strict vigilance inside homes; The mask is essential

Thiruvananthapuram: With the advent of lockdown, the spread of diseases in society will decrease but health experts say that strict vigilance should be maintained inside the houses. Or the warning that homes could become centers of disease transmission. The government went into an emergency lockdown following a strong warning that the number of covid patients could reach half a million a day.

The state is entering the lockdown again. This will greatly reduce the spread of the disease in the community. But experts suggest that extreme care should be taken indoors. The incidence of disease in the home should be minimized. Wearing a mask at home can also help control the infection. Now that should be the goal.

The daily increase is over 40,000 for the second day in a row. 29882 people are being treated in hospitals. There are 2049 patients in ICUs and 807 in ventilators. There are no beds for inpatient treatment. Inability to provide intensive care. Mortality rates are also rising. In many places, there is a slight shortage of oxygen. The filling cylinders run out in hours. It is clear that there is no alternative but to close. It is hoped that further self-immunization will reduce the spread of the disease.

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