Mental stress and insomnia due to Covid

Kochi: Ernakulam district has the highest number of people suffering from mental stress and insomnia due to Covid in the state. The findings come from an inspection of the state government’s ‘Ottaykalla Oppamundu’ scheme for observers and covid victims.

So far 3,19,154 people in the district have received psychological support. Of those who provided support, 18,862 needed counseling. 1921 people called the authorities for psychological support. Drug treatment was started for 24 people suffering from mental stress.

So far 3384 people in the district have been diagnosed with mental stress. This is the highest figure in the state. Palakkad with 2113 people and Kollam with 1464 people are behind. In addition, insomnia is a major concern in the district. So far, 877 people have lost sleep due to covid.

Health workers say the cause of the stress is thoughts of whether the community thinks badly or stays away from the disease. Anxiety about being away from relatives and worrying about family members getting sick because of oneself can be stressful.


Evidence of lack of emotional support

Not only Covid, but also the changes in society caused by Covid and the lack of emotional support to overcome it are causing mental stress. This is due to the stagnation of income and the absence of loved ones. More and more women are seeking psychological help. Add to this the mental and physical abuse of partners and the stress of work at home. More and more teenagers are committing suicide at the lockdown and in the days that follow without even thinking about the little things. The reason was the lack of openness with friends and the lack of support from home. In such a crisis, financial support as well as psychological support is needed.

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