Bodies flowed into Bihar through the Ganges during the covid expansion

Patna: As the Covid outbreak continues in the country, more than 50 bodies have been dumped across the Ganges in Buxar, Bihar, causing panic among the people. Footage of this has been released by the national media. The bodies were dumped in the Chausa area on the UP-Bihar border

Locals were shocked to see the bodies in the river at dawn. Local governments say the bodies may not have flown in from Uttar Pradesh. It is suspected that the bodies of those who died of covid may have been dumped as relatives did not have a place to bury or cremate them. Chausa district officials said 40 to 50 bodies had been dumped in the area. They added that they think these may have been thrown into the river.

Meanwhile, there are unconfirmed reports that about 100 bodies have been dumped. The bodies are said to have been floating in the river for five to seven days. Officials in Bihar say they need to find out where the bodies came from. Meanwhile, the incident has also sparked disputes between Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

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