Covid consolidates treatment rates

Government order to standardize treatment rates in private hospitals. The maximum rate that can be charged per day in the general ward is Rs. 2645. A maximum of Rs 2910 can be charged at NABH accredited hospitals.

HDU Rate: NABH Approved -4175; Elsewhere Rs.3795

ICU rate: NABH approved-8580; Elsewhere Rs 7800

Ventilator ICU: NABH approved-15180; Elsewhere13800

The minimum rate does not include CT scans and HRCT tests. Expensive drugs like redeliver are also not available at the minimum rate. Two PPE kits a day in the General Ward; There will be five in the ICU. Only the maximum market price (MRP) will be charged for non-minimum rates.

Hospitals that charge extra are warned that they will be fined ten times the extra rate. The collector will take action if an extra charge is levied on the pulse oximeter and PPE kit. The treatment rate should be displayed visibly at the hospital. Treatment rates should also be advertised on hospitals’ websites.

The hospitals made it clear that the order would be implemented. MES hospital officials said the government would implement the order despite the losses. The Catholic Hospitals Association also said it accepts the minimum rate.

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