Black fungus ; all you need to know

Black fungus is getting detected among people recovered from COVID. People more prone to this infection are the ones undergoing oxygen therapy in ICU, where a humidifier is used, makes people more prone to infection because of exposure to moisture.

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Common symptoms of black fungus are discolouration around nose and tongue, blurry vision, breathing problems, chest pain, coughing along with blood, redness in eyes, fever, headache, black discharge inside the mouth and vomiting.


Amphotericin-B injection is the first treatment for  this fungal infection. It is an antifungal medicine. If infected, the person should be  be kept under the strict supervision .

As a  life-saving procedures, all the infected tissues can be surgically removed.  Some people even end up losing their eyesight and in some cases even the upper jaw.

The mortality is  80 per cent if untreated. If treated, it is 40-50 per cent. If the infection is detected at early stage, the patient recovers easily.

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