This is how smartphones can ruin your sex life

What should be avoided in enjoyable sex life? Nowadays there’s only one answer to that– smartphones. Smartphones are the villains in your bedroom. They affect sex life just as smartphones can damage one’s mental health.

A study conducted at Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed International Hospital in Morocco says smartphones hurt one’s sex life by up to sixty per cent.

As part of this study, 600 people described the role of smartphones in sex life. A good percentage of them made it clear that they use the phone the most at night. Sixty percent of people between the ages of 20 and 45 have been found to have a negative impact on their sex life with a smartphone.

Most of the participants in the study had smartphones sleeping near their beds. Some say that there are even people who stop having sex and pick up the phone when the phone rings during sex. This study is a testament to the detrimental effects of smartphones on relationships.
English Summary: Smartphones can ruin yours

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