Zodiac signs who are arrogant

People can be rude. There are people who feel that they are above everyone and superior to others. They are arrogant, snobbish, rude and mean. Such people are  obsessed with themselves ,obnoxious ,annoying narcissistic, self-centred and overconfident. Here are some zodiac signs who are self-obsessed , snobbish and proud.


Leos  are overconfident, self-obsessed and people who thinks they are superior to everyone. They believes that everyone is in love with them and want to be like them.

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This zodiac sign believes that the world revolves around them. They are narcissistic who love everything about themselves from their qualities to their flaws. They believes t whoever meets them, falls in love with them with their charming and witty personality.


They loves to pamper themselves. They are arrogant and snobbish . They are highly ambitious and self-obsessed and can make others feel sidelined as they have a tendency to put their needs before everyone.

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