Most mental difficulties in 20-35 years of age; 3 things to overcome drowsiness

Dr. Gitanjali Natarajan, head of clinical psychology at Amrita Hospital and professor, said that even when sitting at home during the covid period, care should be taken to maintain orderly lifestyles.

The second wave of Covid sees mental difficulties in young people in the 20-35 age group

Do not avoid communication with the outside world even when closed at home. Modern communication facilities can be used for this purpose. Relatives should be careful to call elderly people who are alone frequently and inquire about information. Even if you can’t go out and exercise, you should do yoga indoors without interruption. The doctor also said that some people have a problem with addiction to what they find to overcome the boredom of life.

Unnecessary Thoughts

Many people struggle with thoughts unnecessarily. Whatever thoughts come up, we must make sure that it does not affect our daily lives. Negative thoughts affect everyone a lot during the lockdown. It causes anxiety and leads to mental problems. The mind should be trained to deal positively with any kind of thought. A perfect tip: When unwanted thoughts come to our minds, take a paper and note it on the left. Find and write a logical solution to it on the right. All problems that create unnecessary thoughts will be solved with this.

Not just happiness

Many people are exhausted by the time they face a minor problem in their lives. Don’t think happiness is the only life. It’s like saying you only eat stew at the feast. You may feel sad, angry, worried, and refreshed in life. Don’t think you can fix it quickly. If there are such problems, many people become anxious and lead to other mental difficulties. We should be able to embrace unhappy living conditions and emotions. It is our approach to things that needs to change.



Even if you’re at home in the lockdown, life needs to be organized. Maintain a healthy way of life and a proper diet. Try to learn something new that will be useful for the future.
Entertainment things like communicating with friends and relatives, listening to songs, watching movies, and reading books can also be given time. You can also get used to sleeping on time.

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