Health benefits obtained through sex

Sex has many other qualities in addition to enjoyable and reproductive properties. Here are five of them

  • People with sexual vitality are less likely to develop infections and other infectious diseases. This quality comes from the high production of immune-boosting antibodies in those who have sex at least once ortwice a week.
  • Mating with a partner lowers blood pressure. A significant reduction is caused by systolic pressure, which indicates the first number in blood pressure (120/80). But masturbation does not get this quality.
  • Nearly 30 per cent of women have less ability to hold urinary Incontinence at any time in their lives. This problem is prevented by getting better exercise for pelvic floor muscles through a good sex life.
  • About five calories a minute are used in mating. Sex is a great exercise as many muscles that do not get regular exercise get strain.
  • Various hormones are formed in the body as part of orgasm that help reduce pain. So sex is a great pain reliever.


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