Is headache a sign of black fungus?

The country is in fear of rising black fungus cases related to Covid. This deadly disease caused by fungi affects those treated and cured by covid. More than 11,000 black fungus cases have been reported in the country.  This rare fungal infection can be treated if identified at the right time.

Persistent headache is one of the main symptoms for identifying black fungus. Many people usually get headaches for a day or two during covid.  But if the headache continues even after 14 days of the recovery period, it can be a black fungus symptom. Black fungus, which spreads fungi called micromycetes, often captures those who are less resistant. Fungi that enter through a breath from the surroundings start affecting the sinus, lungs and brain. It can cause persistent headaches and swell on one side of the face.

Delhi AIIMS chief Dr. Says Randeep Guleria. Some people may experience nasal congestion as the infection begins in the sinus corridor. When the black fungus infection hardens, the fungus spreads to the face and deforms the face. Teeth have also been reported to be stirring in some patients

Black fungal infection is detected through x-ray and CT-scan of sinus. The second way is a biopsy through nasal endoscopy. PCR-based blood test is also used for black fungus assessment.

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