CM demands an apology from PT Thomas over the Mango phone incident.

Thiruvananthapuram: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan reacted strongly to allegations of Muttil tree felling in the assembly on Wednesday. He was responding to accusations levelled by opposition MLA PT Thomas.
MLA PT Thomas, who has been critical of the Chief Minister, has made a new allegation concerning Mango mobile phones. He claimed that the Chief Minister agreed to inaugurate Mango mobiles in Kerala, but that the Mango mobile owner was arrested just minutes before the ceremony.

“In the assembly, the opposition is making baseless accusations. I never promised anyone that I would launch Mango mobiles. I am not the one who is swayed by con artists. The opposition is attempting to link me to the robbers involved in the Muttil tree felling. Another Chief Minister may have promised to launch the mobile. “PT Thomas should apologise for confusing the assembly,” said Chie Minister.

During the general debate on the budget in the assembly, the Chief Minister responded to the allegations. For the first time, the CM has responded to the allegations of tree felling.

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