Gauthami Nair posts some adorable photos of  her furry friends, referring to them as “fantastic creatures.”

We all fall in love with our furry friends the moment we see them, no matter how old or young we are. Gauthami Nair, an actress, is no exception. The ‘Diamond Necklace’ actress has a lot of furry friends, and she recently shared some of the photos she took with them, as well as a touching note about why a dog is a man’s best friend.

A dog is a man’s (or a woman’s) best friend – the oh-só-famous quote. Such fantastic creations. Obviously, through selective breeding and fine-tuning, they come in a lot of varieties. But their baseline is the same – Love. Gauthami said.

She further added, “It is this power that they have over us. It completely disarms us and makes us forget everything and just be in that moment.

Whether it’s a random dog you feed biscuits to while sipping chai at your favorite tea shop or your own pet at home, one thing remains constant. The amount of love, happiness, and loyalty they demonstrate. It is undeniably a thrilling sensation. Being greeted by this four-legged furry creature with its eyes wide open and saliva flying. All to smother you and demonstrate how much you mean to them. It doesn’t matter if you see them in 30 minutes or three years – it never changes. Perhaps this is why we all adore them. So much so that they simply absorb our sadness and make our shoulders feel a little lighter from the weight we’ve been carrying.”

Gauthami Nair made her film debut alongside Dulquer Salmaan in ‘Second Show.’ The actress took a break to finish her studies, and the diva has now announced her second innings. Her re-entry will be marked by an upcoming film in which she will co-star with Manju Warrier.

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