Relax, bhabhi! When a bride becomes irritated, she throws food in the groom’s face.

New Delhi: Weddings can be nerve-wracking for everyone involved, especially the couple getting married. This bride must have been having a stressful wedding because she lost her cool and threw mithai in the groom’s face during the ceremony.

This video has gone viral on the internet because netizens can’t stop talking about it.

The bride is seen in the video attempting to feed sweets to her newlywed husband, but when he refuses to eat them and pulls her hand closer, she loses her cool and throws the sweet at him, leaving netizens stunned.

The bridal party on stage appears visibly surprised by the bride’s sudden action, and viewers have been trying to figure out what went wrong in the video’s comments section.

Watch the bride’s stunning attitude in the video below:

The video has received over 43,000 likes and a number of amusing comments, making it even more entertaining to watch.

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