She was concerned about what others would say if she left Kiran: Vismaya’s  mother

Vismaya Nair, 22, was last seen by her parents three months ago. She had gone to her college to write an exam but did not return since she had gone to her husband’s house in Sasthamkotta, Kollam district. On the morning of June 21, Vismaya’s family received word that she was in severe condition and had been admitted to a hospital. When they arrived at the hospital, they were informed that she had been brought dead and was suspected of having committed suicide.

Vismaya’s husband, Kiran Kumar, an inspector in the Motor Vehicles Department, has been accused of dowry harassment and domestic violence in the last 24 hours. Vismaya’s father, Trivikraman Nair, informed Media  that they gave 100 sovereigns of gold, over an acre of land, and a Toyota Yaris automobile as dowry for the March 2020 wedding. Kiran, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with the car’s mileage and preferred cash. The pair lived apart for a while after he assaulted Vismaya in front of her relatives a few months ago. Kiran returned Vismaya to his residence three months ago.

Vismaya’s mother, Sajitha V Nair, informed the media that her daughter had repeatedly told her that Kiran had abused and assaulted her. Vismaya also messaged a cousin and provided the images of her facial injuries last week.

“On June 20, she called and begged for Rs 5,500 to pay her test costs. I didn’t have the money, so I told her she should ask Kiran. He was going to yell at her, she said. Kiran had made it impossible for her to reach her father or brother. She was only permitted to phone me after she pleaded Kiran. She’d phone me from the bathroom, and she’d once told me that he’d punched her so hard in the face that her lips was bleeding. I implored her to come back, but she said no matter what people say, she will somehow survive,” Sajitha told the media.

Vismaya had also begged Sajitha not to message her since it might irritate Kiran, according to Sajitha. “She was afraid he’d break her phone. In a fit of rage, he had previously shattered four of her phones.”

Trivikraman Nair stated that his wife did not notify him or Vismaya’s brother about the assaults.


Vijith Nair, Vismaya’s brother, told Asianet News that people can criticise them for offering dowry, but the reality was different. “People may question why you offered dowry, but the reality is quite different. Dowry must be abolished entirely; no other woman should be subjected to it,” he stated.

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