On Thursday, Kerala recorded 12,078 new COVID-19 cases, with a TPR of 10.37 percent.

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala reported 12,078 new COVID-19 cases on Friday after analysing 1,16,507 samples, with the Test Positivity Rate suggesting a modest increase.

The TPR in the state is now 10.37 percent, up from 10.29 percent on Wednesday.

The authorities also reported 136 more deaths as a result of Covid, bringing the total number of deaths to 12,581. Despite the fact that more deaths have been documented, the state has yet to identify them as COVID deaths. The National Institute of Virology in Alappuzha is conducting tests.

On Thursday, 11,469 people were able to recover from the virus. There are now 99,859 active cases in the state.

Kerala has so far documented 28,54,325 COVID-19 instances. 27,41,436 of them were rescued.

The virus was contracted via contact in 11,250 of the new cases, with 94 of them coming from outside the state. The source of infection for 657 of the contact cases has yet to be identified.

Thursday’s charges include 77 health care employees.

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