Anil Kant, the new DGP of Kerala, has a lookalike in Mollywood!

Chembil Ashokan is clearly overjoyed and content, and he is currently being mocked because he resembles the new Kerala State Police Chief (SPC), Anil Kant, who took over from Loknath Behera on Wednesday evening.

Interestingly, starting around 11 a.m. Asokan’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing since Kant, a surprise candidate for the role of new SPC, was officially designated on Wednesday.

“I’m getting congratulatory messages, and I was surprised when a friend told me that trolls have begun linking my picture with that of the new SPC,” said Asokan, who has played a variety of roles since his career began in 2009 and has donned the grease paint in around 50 films.

I’d love to see the new SPC, but I’m not sure when that will be possible. “I’ve played a police officer in a few films, but I’ve yet to play an IPS officer,” Asokan added.

Asokan is 60 years old and a few months older than Kant.

In fact, shortly after Behera took over as the new SPC in 2016, it was revealed that actor Pashanem Shaji was a lookalike of Behera, and the two soon appeared together for an interview.

“Of course, I don’t know if such a thing will happen in my case, but if it does, I would definitely enjoy it,” Asokan said.

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