Rajinikanth is reconsidering entering politics and would meet with Rajini Makkal Mandram members.

New Delhi: Superstar Rajinikanth is reconsidering his prior decision not to enter politics after December 2020, much to the chagrin of his followers. He had stated that he will not enter politics because his health condition does not allow it.

The superstar made this latest U-turn during a news appearance on Monday (July 12).

During the press conference, the ‘Kabali’ actor stated that he hadn’t seen the Rajini Makkal Mandram members in a long time. The superstar stated that he would meet with them all and discuss the future of the Makkal Mandram, as well as whether or not “he would enter politics in the future.”

Earlier in December 2020, Rajinikanth declared that he would take the “political plunge” and that it was “now or never,” but he reversed his decision after getting hospitalized during the filming of Annaatthe in Hyderabad. On New Year’s Day 2021, the superstar was even going to start his political party.

His most recent remarks have sparked further curiosity about his political future.

Tamilaruvi Manian, Rajinikanth’s colleague, and Gandhiya Makkal Iyakkam founder maintain that the actor has not said never to politics and has not disbanded the Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM).


“If Rajinikanth declares his intention to enter politics tomorrow, Gandhiya Makkal Iyakkam would accompany him on his journey.” If Rajinikanth does not enter politics, the organization will continue to function as a sister organization,” Manian had stated.

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