Ways to Tell Your Woman You Want Sex

It can be difficult to express to your partner how much you want to have sex with them. To avoid appearing creepy, many people avoid communicating their desires to their partner for fear of being judged for wanting sex. However, if you don’t want to be direct about your concerns, there are many creative ways to tell your woman that you want sex! To assist all the men who are stuck out there, we have come up with some creative ways to tell your woman to get some steamy action.

1.Holding hands is an excellent way to express to your woman that her touch relaxes you. Entwining your fingers in hers will give her the impression that you enjoy her vibe and touch. It’s a plus if you can hold it for a long time outside, not just when you’re both alone. This will make her feel as if you are more interested in her intimacy.

2.If your lady has dressed nicely for you, compliment her and tell her how lovely she looks. It would not only boost her confidence, but it would also leave a lasting impression of how admirable your actions are. You can even loosely rest your palm on her lower waist and see her perk up with contentment and pleasure.

3.Flowers are an effervescent expression of romantic feelings, and they can even be found in the bed. Get her aromatic flowers that smell great and can also serve as an aphrodisiac for both of you. You can also spread some flower petals on the bed at night, which will undoubtedly be effective because nothing is more romantic than this.

4.If you don’t have the ability to act or say it aloud, sticky notes should suffice. Place these notes around the house at random, for example, in the bathroom mirror with the words “I want to see what’s underneath the silky clothes” or on the kitchen counter with the words “I want you.” These are enough to drive her insane.

5.Give your wife a surprise lingerie set and leave it on the bed for her to discover later. This is a very hot and sexy way to tell your woman that you’re ready for some sex and to imagine her in that alluring lingerie.

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