Ministers decide to step up state-wide action to combat Zika virus resistance

Thiruvananthapuram: Ministers MV Govindan Master and Veena George had a high-level meeting to increase the alert for Zika virus and dengue illness across the state. Officials were ordered to strengthen surveillance and speed up the cleaning procedure at the meeting.

Despite the fact that Zika infections have only been recorded in Thiruvananthapuram, other districts must remain watchful as well. Fogging and other efforts aimed at eradicating mosquito breeding grounds must be accelerated. The necessary resources will be provided to local self-governments (LSGs), according to health minister Veena George.

So far, 28 persons in the state capital have tested positive for Zika. Only eight of them have remained positive, including three pregnant ladies. They’re all in good shape. In addition, the health department intends to increase testing.

The LSGs will be informed of the hotspots by the District Medical Officers. The cleansing process, according to Govindan Master, has already begun. Aside from that, awareness-raising programmes involving students and Kudumbashree are in the works.

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