Coca-Cola is changing the flavour of their drink after 36 years, fans react

New Delhi: If you love Coca-Cola and its cola drinks, you might want to prepare yourself for a change. Your favourite soda drink’s recipe is about to change, thanks to a well-known soft drink company. In 1985, the corporation changed the flavour of their soda for the last time.

Coca-Cola said on Tuesday, according to the New York Times, that it is modifying the taste and appearance of one of its most popular soft beverages, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, also known as Coke Zero. They claim they’re doing it to make the beverage taste more like regular Coke. The product’s aesthetic will also change, with the present red-and-black design being replaced by an all-red design.

The revelation has left many Coke fans anxious and concerned, prompting them to take to social media to share their feelings about the situation. While some consumers pledged to switch to other beverages, others threatened to go to Pepsi, Coca-arch-rival. Cola’s

The updated version will be released this month in the United States and in September in Canada. Coca-Cola has already modified the product in various overseas countries, leaving many customers baffled as to why the company is meddling with their favourite beverage. Some customers also recalled the 1995 catastrophe, when Coca-Cola introduced the ‘New Coke,’ a new version of the soft drink that was dubbed “too sweet” and rejected by the general public.

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