4 Telltale Texting Signs He Isn’t Interested in You

Sure, everything was bright and sunny at first. You two could talk for hours and never run out of stuff to discuss. Everything was OK until you noticed a change in his behavior. He doesn’t seem to respond to your texts as quickly as he used to. When he does answer, he does so half-heartedly.

Texting allows you to easily communicate with the other person and judge their reactions. If you get a feeling that a guy is no longer as interested in you as he used to be through his texts, check out for these four telltale indications to discover if he is losing interest in you.

He almost never texts first.

You are the one who usually initiates the conversation. If he never initiates the discussion, it is likely that he is no longer interested in you and would rather talk to other people than talk to you.

His responses are brief.

When you text him, his responses are half-hearted, and he frequently responds with an emoji or phrases as mundane as “okay”! He always appears to be uninterested in moving the topic ahead.

He never reacts immediately.

He always takes a long time to answer. If he takes hours to react to your texts or occasionally doesn’t respond at all, chances are he has lost interest in you and isn’t interested in continuing a conversation with you.

He is constantly too preoccupied to talk.

When you query his half-hearted responses and delayed responses, his sole explanation is that he is “busy.” Even on text, he frequently tells you not to bother him since he is too preoccupied with something else and is “busy.”

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