A single app that connects all traffic facilities will be released soon

Kerala is getting ready to up its tech game by switching to Open Mobility Network, which will connect all traffic apps. This innovative plan, which aims to integrate all traffic-related facilities into a single traffic app, is being carried out with the assistance of the Beckn foundation, which is owned by Nandan Nilekani, the co-founder of Infosys who was appointed by the government to lead the Aadhar programme.

Initially, the plan will be implemented in Kochi. The Kochi Metropolitan Authority will be in charge of this (KMTA). The ‘Yatri’ app, which was created for taxi drivers, is set to be the starting point for this plan. The first phase focuses on traffic facilities; several other services, including logistics, are likely to be integrated into this. The Beckn foundation chose Kochi because it has all traffic facilities, including the metro, which is currently in use.

This network will include both public and private traffic facilities, as well as all traffic service providers. In addition to the Beckn Foundation, the Metropolitan Authority will receive free services from Jasper Technologies, National Securities Depository Limited, and WRI India.

The Yatri app will be the site of the first trial of the Kochi Open Mobility Network (KOMN). The Kochi metro app, AuSa (AutoSavari) for auto drivers, and the ‘Vandi’ app for buses will all be integrated. KSRTC and the Kerala State Water Transport Department’s boats will also be linked to this network. Next week, the Minister for Road Transport, Antony Raju, will launch the Yatri app in Kochi.

Network of open mobility

This network is intended to connect all traffic-related services and facilities into a single app. For example, the Kochi Metro Rail app, Kochi One, can be used to book travel in taxis, auto-rickshaws, and Kerala State Water Transport Department boats.

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