Guidelines are issued by film associations to begin filming in Kerala

Kochi: The film industry has decided to begin filming in Kerala only after the 30 step elaborate guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid 19 on locations and sets have been implemented. The FEFKA and the Producer’s Association should provide a written commitment to follow these guidelines.

Following these guidelines has been made a requirement for all films shot in Kerala. The arrangements would create a bio secure bubble at each shooting location, which no one would be permitted to breach.

The guidelines state that the crew should be limited to fifty people. Furthermore, a copy of the crew members’ vaccination certificates, negative RTPCR test results obtained within 48 hours, and other location details should be submitted to the producers’ association and FFEKA.

No one would be permitted to leave the location or the place of lodging. Visitors would not be permitted inside the bio secure bubble. At each location, a log book should be kept.

Gloves should be worn by production assistants, makeup artists, and costume designers while working. Masks and hand sanitizers are now required. Food and drinks should be served on paper plates and glasses on the sets. To avoid crowding at the food counters, more than one should be opened.
The production executive team should ensure that the rooms, vehicles, kitchen, and utensils are cleaned and sanitised on a regular basis. Meanwhile, FEFKA and the producers’ association will ensure that the guidelines are strictly adhered to on the set. Representatives from these organisations would inspect the sets to ensure that the guidelines and protocols were followed correctly.

The decision to issue the guidelines was made at a meeting attended by Siyad Kokker, Sibi Malayil, B Unnikrishnan, Anto Joseph, Edavela Babu, B Rajesh, Anil Thomas, Sohan Seenulal, and SST Subramanian from Kerala Film Chamber, Producers’ Association, Distributors Association, FEFKA, and AMMA.


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