Customers of BSNL will soon be able to enjoy 4G network speeds

Thrissur: In what appears to be good news, BSNL customers in Kerala will soon have access to a 4G network. According to the plan, 15,000 towers in south India will be upgraded to 4G in the near future. 80% of these 15,000 towers are located in Kerala. These towers, which are outfitted with Nokia’s Base Transceiver Station (BTS), will receive an additional system for transmitting 4G network signals.

The project has been approved by BSNL management, but it still requires the approval of the director board. This allows the BSNL to use the 4G spectrum that was allocated to it as part of a revival package in 2018.

A mobile tower is made up of two parts: the radio part on top and the base unit on the bottom. BTS is a combination of both of these components, and the new system will be integrated into the radio component.

Customers of BSNL will benefit from improved internet services once this becomes a reality. For the use of 4G spectrum, BSNL must pay the government Rs 30 crore per month. BSNL, on the other hand, does not consider this a burden. By providing better service, it can gain more customers and thus increase revenue.

Previously, the process of installing 4G systems in BSNL towers had been halted after reaching the tender invitation stage due to a new policy mandating the use of 20 percent’made in India’ equipment in its facilities. Across the country, BSNL owns over 60,000 towers.

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