In Kozhikode, children withdraw Rs 1 lakh from their mother’s bank account to play an online game

Children in Kozhikode withdrew nearly Rs 1 lakh from their mother’s account to play an internet game without her knowledge.

The woman had reported the money missing from the account to the Kozhikode cyber police.

Following an investigation, it was discovered that her two children, who are in classes IX and X, as well as another youngster, a relative, had spent the money on an online game.

The woman’s husband is abroad. The children were given smartphone and tablet for online studies.

According to the cyber police, the minors were playing the prohibited game ‘PUBG’. To advance to the following levels, the trio required funds. The money was taken from the account by the children, who had access to the mother’s internet banking password and other information.

Even after the woman reported it to the police, the children did not inform her. Later, during the investigation led by cyber cell inspector P Rajesh, the details were uncovered.

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