When I refused to sign a contract, they leaked my personal phone number,’ says Poonam Pandey of Raj Kundra’s arrest

New Delhi:  Since the news of businessman Raj Kundra’s arrest broke on the internet, Poonam Pandey, who confessed before the Mumbai Police team that he was the one who got her into the adult film industry, has revealed another bombshell disclosure about him.
Poonam told The Times of India that she was compelled to shoot in a certain way because they threatened to publish her personal information on the app if she didn’t.
She also said that she did not want to sign the contract, so they threatened to have her sign it, and when she refused, they leaked her personal phone number along with the phrase, ‘Call me immediately, I will strip for you.’

She went on to say, “I still recall, after that, I started receiving calls from all around, not in the hundreds, but in the thousands, at odd hours, requesting me for explicit services.” People began to email me sexual photographs and videos. I even left my house out of dread of something awful happening to me. It was terrifying.”

“Despite being advised by my lawyers, I am giving this statement — If Raj Kundra can commit this horrible crime with me—I am still a known personality—imagine the type of havoc he must have created for the masses too,” she stated, urging more people to come forward and share their stories. How and where do we put an end to this? It’s nearly impossible to make a judgement. As a result, I’m pushing everyone, particularly girls, to raise their voices and speak up if they’re going through something similar.”

Poonam reacted to Raj Kundra’s arrest on Tuesday, saying that her heart goes out to Shilpa Shetty and her children at this time.

“I can’t image how difficult it must be for her. As a result, I refuse to use this occasion to draw attention to my trauma,” she told TOI.

Raj Kundra has been placed under police jail till July 23 for the uninitiated. On Monday night, he was arrested on suspicion of making pornographic content and distributing it using mobile applications.

Earlier today, YouTuber Puneet Kaur spoke out against arrested businessman Raj Kundra, alleging that he solicited her via social media direct message for his mobile app, via which he allegedly distributed pornography content.

Following his incarceration, an undated interview with Sagarika has surfaced. The actress-model has made a number of claims against Raj, including that she was given a position in a web series produced by him in August 2020.

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