Priya Prakash Varrier Slams Netizens Who Shared Her Vlog With Inappropriate Captions

Priya Prakash Varrier recently surprised fans by revealing that her highly anticipated romantic drama Ishq, which also stars Teja Sajja, will be released on July 30. The film, directed by SS Raju, was originally scheduled to be released on April 23, but it was postponed due to the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. As fans impatiently await Priya’s second Telugu outing, her latest Instagram post has piqued their interest.

Apparently, the actress resorted to the photo-video sharing platform to express her displeasure with netizens who are distributing clips from one of her vlogs.

She stated, “A few have been sharing those videos on social media with silly captions,” claiming that “a few have been sharing those videos on social media with hilarious captions.” “I’ve been seeing bits and parts of this vlog with my friend being shared on social media with no context. I appreciate everyone’s concern, but this is a pointless debate because nothing was shared without consent. It’s being forwarded and shared on Whatsapp, YouTube, and Tiktok with ridiculous captions and out-of-context statements. Please provide some original stuff for your readers the next time.”

Priya Prakash Varrier closed the post by writing, “It’s her personal option to live as she wants to.” “Most importantly, what I do with my friends and how I live my life are entirely up to me. So, please keep your thoughts to yourselves.” In addition, the wink sensation tweeted a screenshot of the vlog she described in her storey. The vlog, which was posted on Sharan Nair’s (comedian best known for Netflix’s Indian Grandma Reacts to?) Instagram account on April 3, 2021, shows Priya having a great day with her friends.

Meanwhile, the actress has jetted off to Russia with her friends for a short vacay.

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