Just days after the suicide of transgender activist Anannyah, her partner was found dead

In Kochi, her live-in partner was found dead on Friday, three days after the activist’s death.

30-year-old Jiju was found dead in his apartment in Thykoodam. After the death of Anannyah, his friends said he suffered from extreme depression.

At her home on Tuesday, Anannyah, the first transwoman radio jockey in Kerala, was found dead. Sex reassignment surgery, she claimed, had not yielded the desired results. She took this extreme step because she was experiencing severe mental and physical stress.

In Kollam, Anannya’s funeral was held on Thursday at the St Joseph’s Church, Mundakkal, Peruman, where she was a member.

Ananya’s death was ruled a suicide in the postmortem report. Government Medical College Hospital in Kalamassery conducted the postmortem examination.

In response to friends’ allegations against the hospital where her surgery was performed a year ago, Kalamassery police have opened an investigation. Documents related to her surgery were handed over to doctors who performed an autopsy by police officers. Veena George, the state’s health minister, has asked the Director of Health Services (DHS) to look into the case as well. As a result, the minister has asked the Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) to form a health expert committee to investigate the reassignment surgery.

Professional make-up artist Anannyah announced her candidacy for the Vengara constituency in Malappuram district as a candidate of a newly formed party in advance of the April 6 assembly election. She had asked voters not to vote for her because of differences with the party that surfaced a few days before the election.

On Wednesday, LGBTQI activists staged a demonstration in Kochi in front of the Renai Medicity facility, where Anannyah’s surgery was performed. All of the claims leveled against the hospital’s doctors and administrators have been refuted.

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