Here’s why RGV isn’t interested in working with Ajay Devgan

Ram Gopal Varma’s filmography is polarising in terms of quality, but it doesn’t diminish the fact that he’s a superb filmmaker. He worked with Ajay Devgan on films like ‘Company’ and ‘Bhoot’ in the early 2000s, but the duo hasn’t worked together since. RGV appears to make a distinct distinction between stars and actors. His films are usually grounded in reality and leave little room for performers to please their fans. RGV believes that ‘Singham’ catapulted Ajay to prominence, and that he is no longer appropriate for his projects.

“When I made Company, Ajay Devgn wasn’t a big star, therefore it worked,” he added, “but after Singham and all those films, I don’t think putting Ajay Devgn in such a modest part like Company will ever work.” So I keep that in mind, especially when it comes to genre films. Of course, having stars brings in a larger audience, but it comes at the risk of not being true to the film.”

In reference to his most recent picture, ‘D Company,’ RGV noted, “When casting, the most important thing to keep in mind is the believability of the character.” Dawood Ibrahim was a man who, at the age of 25, was almost like a shadow of his brother because he never, ever pushed himself. So, while considering these aspects during the casting process, I must keep that emotion in mind. Now, even though he isn’t 25, Ajay Devgn as an actor may be so powerful for me that underplaying this character would look very stupid in the film because the audience would want to see his very first shot with excitement — that’s the image he’s developed over the years, that’s what it means to be a star.”

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