Kerala records 17,466 new COVID cases, 66 deaths, and a TPR of 12.3 percent

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala recorded 17,466 new Covid cases on Sunday, according to a health department press release. With 66 new deaths, the death toll reached 16,035. The rate of test positivity was 12.3 percent.

The district-wise statistics of positive cases: Malappuram-2684, Kozhikode-2379, Thrissur-2190, Ernakulam-1687, Palakkad-1552, Kollam-1263, Thiruvananthapuram-1222, Alappuzha-914, Kannur-884, Kottayam-833, Kasaragod-644, Pathanamthitta-478, Wayanad-383 and Idukki-353.

In the last 24 hours, 1,42,008 samples were tested. In total, 2,62,48,280 samples were sent for testing, including routine samples, sentinel samples, CBNAAT, Truenat, POCT, PCR, RTLAMP, and antigen.

78 new COVID patients were returned from out of state. Contact with the virus resulted in the infection of 16,662 people. The source of infection for 662 patients has yet to be identified.

The district-wise statistics of contact cases: Malappuram-2607, Kozhikode-2354, Thrissur-2174, Ernakulam-1669, Palakkad-1131, Kollam-1255, Thiruvananthapuram- 1167, Alappuzha-912, Kannur-796, Kottayam-784, Kasaragod-632, Pathanamthitta-468, Wayanad-370 and Idukki-343.

64 health workers also tested positive for Covid-19. Among them, 16 were from Kannur, 9 from Wayanad, 8 each from Palakkad and Kasaragod, 7 from Thrissur, 6 from Kollam, 3 from Pathanamthitta, 2 each from Kottayam and Malappuram, 1 each from Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam and Kozhikode.

Meanwhile, 15,247 recoveries were also reported in the state.

The district-wise statistics of recoveries: Thiruvananthapuram-1012, Kollam-1460, Pathanamthitta-405, Alappuzha-660, Kottayam-495, Idukki-205, Ernakulam-1306, Thrissur-2006, Palakkad-1124, Malappuram-2467, Kozhikode-2019, Wayanad-423, Kannur-1040 and Kasargod-625.

With this, the total number of active cases in the state reached 1,40,276. So far, 31,14,716 people have been cured of the disease.

The state currently has 4,35,768 people under observation. 4,09,540 people are under home/institutional quarantine, and 26,228 are in hospitals. On Sunday, 2,397 people were taken to hospitals.

There are 73 local governments with TPRs less than 5%, 335 with TPRs between 5% and 10%, 355 with TPRs between 10% and 15%, and 271 with TPRs greater than 15%.

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