6 Gentle Ways to Reject Someone Who Has a Crush on You

Rejecting someone is never easy. You must be gentle and nice to that person since you will break their heart and damage them. However, if someone develops a crush on you and the feelings are not mutual, you must decline that person. But just because you break someone’s heart doesn’t mean you have to unfriend them. It should be kind and gentle so that they are not offended.

That person could be anyone, including close friends or coworkers, who has affection for you. As a result, shattering their heart might occasionally harm your relationship. As a result, you must use caution when dealing with the problem. Read on to find out how to say NO to someone who has a crush on you.

Here’s how to politely reject someone who develops love for you:

1- Just be honest about your emotions without exaggerating. Even if it is painful to hear the truth, people always appreciate it. So, just be honest about your genuine feelings and be polite about it.

2- When sharing the truth isn’t working, keep your distance. If he is a close friend, stick out with the group, but don’t get cornered by that individual.

3- If you have hurt her feelings, don’t try to console her with regular discussions and compliments. This could make her more vulnerable emotionally. Instead, allow her some breathing room to heal.

4- Don’t dangle things out too long. If you want to say no, say it right now. If you make him wait too long, he will hope for a positive response. The heartbreak will be more acute for him to bear at that point.

5- Demonstrate maturity and respect for the individual. Don’t just say no over the phone, text, or e-mail. Perform it in person and in a private setting. Everyone is embarrassed to be rejected in public.

6- Do not use manufactured stories to justify your rejection. He will be more hurt if he discovers the truth. Instead, simply state what is on your mind.

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