PSC rank holders protested the lack of an extension by shaving their heads in front of the secretariat

Thiruvananthapuram: Women candidates cut their hair in protest in front of the secretariat here shortly after Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan informed the Assembly that the validity of the PSC rank lists could not be extended. Women holding civil police officer ranks have stated that they will continue to protest.

Rank holders in the Last Grade, LDC, staff nurse, and civil police officer exams are also part of the protest.

The PSC has filed an appeal in court against the Administrative Tribunal’s Thiruvananthapuram bench’s order extending the lists’ validity.
Women civil police officer rank holders stated that vacancies in their position are relatively low. They pointed out that if the list’s validity is not extended, their efforts will be futile.

Denying the Opposition’s demand for a three-week extension, the chief minister stated that many people are waiting for opportunities.

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