‘E Bull Jet’ YouTubers arrested for causing a commotion at the RT office

On Monday, Kannur town police arrested siblings Ebin and Libin, who run the popular Malayalam YouTube channel ‘E Bull Jet.’ They were arrested for breaking into the RT office, threatening the officials, and interfering with their duties.

The Motor Vehicle Department seized their van the day before yesterday, allegedly for non-payment of taxes and illegal modification. The office officials claimed that the YouTubers barged in and disrupted their work by causing a commotion.

The YouTubers also live-streamed the events at the office, and as a result, many young people gathered around the office.

According to officials, a fine of around Rs 42,000 will be levied for modifying the vehicle without following the required mandate. They claimed that the modifications are made in such a way that other vehicles on the road are endangered.

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