Officers from Kerala’s MVD create a system to detect sleeping drivers

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Motor Vehicles Department vehicle inspectors have developed a system to detect and alert drivers who fall asleep behind the wheel. The system, which was created as part of a CUSAT BTech project, makes use of facial recognition technology.

The department has approved the project, titled driver drowsiness and fatal accident prevention system, and it will be made available to the public at a reasonable cost. This feature is already available in high-end vehicles.

This equipment is expensive on the market. “We will take steps to ensure that the system is installed in as many vehicles as possible,” Transport Minister Antony Raju said.

A night-vision camera installed in the cabin will monitor the driver and detect drowsiness by analysing facial expressions and brow movement. It will immediately disconnect the accelerator and notify the driver. Vehicles with manual transmissions jerk as they slow down.

Motor Vehicle Inspectors DD Arun, A Noufal, NK Deepu, PV Vijesh, and Assistant Vehicle Inspectors VV Vineeth and S Ranjith created the system. Despite the fact that it costs Rs 25,000, large-scale production will make it less expensive.

The process of obtaining a patent is currently underway.

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