Things you do in order to avoid heartbreak

Anyone who has gone through a breakup understands how terrible and excruciating it can be. Furthermore, it takes a lot of guts to put oneself out there and start dating. Heartbreak has a profound effect on us and frequently causes us to respond in ways that safeguard our hearts. Many times, these acts occur instinctively, even before we are aware of the motivations behind what we are doing. This is, however, natural because all we want to do is protect ourselves from future agony. Here’s a look at some of the things you do because you’re frightened of heartbreak.

Being emotionally unavailable

Even if you discover someone you like, it will not work out for one reason or another, most notably because you are emotionally unavailable or unwilling to commit easily. This is because the concept of ‘forever is foreign to you right now. You’re too scared to start anything that might last.

​You need constant validation

When you are afraid of heartbreak or rejection, you will feel compelled to seek a second opinion on almost everything. You always require someone else’s approval for your eating or dress choices. You are also prone to apologizing for a variety of things that others do not require.

You want everything to be perfect

Because you are afraid of heartbreak, you will not accept anything less than perfection. This is because, after a heartbreak, you begin to associate love with perfection. You begin to believe that the reason your prior relationship failed was that things were not ideal.

Playing off the pain as a joke


People who have been through a lot in their personal lives often have the best sense of humour. They believe that laughing will help them cope with their agony. However, this only lasts a few moments.

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