Celina Jaitly, a Bollywood actress, was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, to an Afghan Hindu mother

Celina Jaitley, a Bollywood actress, is currently in the news for her comeback flick Season’s Greetings, which has won several accolades at film festivals around the world. Celina was just nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in the film. Celina later claims that she has been receiving numerous offers. She talked about her battle with sadness after losing her parents and kid practically at the same time a long time ago. Celina has previously indicated that her husband Peter Haag’s support was important in her overcoming her depression.

Celina presently splits her time between Austria, Singapore, and Dubai, and she travels often for her films and sponsorships. She told HT in an interview that she had no plans to relocate to India anytime soon. “We live in a globalized world, and where I live shouldn’t matter. In my Alpine life in Austria, I find wonderful calm and positivity, and my Austrian heritage helps me be more grounded and a better actor,” she concludes.
Did you know Celina Jaitly has ties to Kabul, Afghanistan, which is presently under Taliban rule? The actress was born in Kabul, and her debut film was shot in the country after the Taliban took power.

Celina’s father, Colonel Vikram Kumar Jaitly, served in the Indian Army as a nurse, and her mother, Meeta, an Afghan Hindu, also served in the Indian Army as a nurse. Both died in the year 2018. Celina had previously stated that her mother’s final wish was for her to return to the cinema.
Celina’s debut film, Janasheen (2003), was shot in Afghanistan with Fardeen Khan. Feroz Khan’s second film was shot in the gorgeous Afghanistan region after the Taliban took power.
In July 2011, Celina Jaitley married Peter Haag, an Austrian entrepreneur, and hotelier. In 2012, the couple welcomed twins Winston and Viraaj Haag into the world.

In 2017, the actress gave birth to twins for the second time, naming them Arthur and Shamsher Haag. Shamsher died as a result of a serious heart problem.

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