Outside the bedroom activities for a better sex life

It’s not only about sex when it comes to having a happy sex life. It’s a lot more than that. A sensual sexual encounter is determined by how you and your partner act around each other, the vibe, the desire, and the atmosphere. Doing things with your spouse can also turn you both on! The bedroom isn’t the only location to spark up the fire of passion and sex. Here are some things you may do to improve your sex life outside of the bedroom.

Shopping together

When you and your partner go shopping for clothes together, the sexual tension between you and your lover can increase. Seeing your lover try on something gorgeous might easily turn you on and lead to a steamy, heated session in the bedroom.

Cook together

You can make cooking more sensual by licking each other’s fingers for the taste or whipping some cream together. This will undoubtedly elicit sentiments of desire, and it is a wonderfully therapeutic exercise that will strengthen your bond even further.

Working out together

You’ll definitely keep the temperature soaring if you do this together! Seeing your partner work out maybe a glorious experience; with all that sweat and wonderful posture, sex is certain to come up.

Planning a trip together

Making plans for a vacation or journey with your partner will pique your interest. Looking for nice, comfy hotel rooms, an agenda, and even clothing for the trip are all part of planning a romantic holiday. The thrill of spending time together will heighten the sensual sensations.

Dancing together

If you’re both in the mood for sex, lap dance or bachata is highly sensual and amusing. Making motions and being near to your partner will arouse both of you, resulting in a steamy makeout session. In between dance steps, kisses, embraces, and hugs can be just as beautiful.

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