Tulasi to Chethi, six flowers used in Pookalam on Onam 2021

During these ten days, there are numerous entertaining activities such as Vallam Kali (boat racing), Pulikali (tiger dances), Pookkalam (flower Rangoli), Onathappan (worship), and Pookalam.
The floral rangoli created during the event is known as Onam Pookalam and is often round in shape. Onam Pookalam is also known as ‘Athapoo’ since it starts on Attam, the first day of Onam, and ends on Thiruonam, the last day.

The flowers needed to make Onam Pookalam are listed below.

Tulasi: Tulasi is not a flower, but its leaves are essential in the preparation of Pookalam.

Thumba, also known as Ceylon Slitwort, is a small white flower that is used to make Pookalam on the first day of Attam.

Chethi: also known as flame of the woods, these scarlet blooms provide brightness and visual appeal to Pookalam.

Chemparathy: commonly known as hibiscus, is a red flower used in the preparation of Pookalam.

Shankupushpam, also known as butterfly pea, is a famous flower with a blue and yellow centre that is common in Kerala.

Jamanthi, also known as marigold, is a flower that comes in yellow, red, white, and orange and adds vibrancy to Pookalam.

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